New fabric added regularly

We constant hunt for amazing fabric to create our products from. If you have something special in mind however, get in touch and we can do a custom order for you!

New items!

Besides our standard fabric products, we are working on adding other products to our range. The first of these, are our potion sets.

The Collective

We are starting to grow a number of artist under the ‘Collective’ banner. Which will bring in new products next to the shops own range.

Social Feed

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The Collective

I would like to take a moment to explain the idea behind Emmanuel’s Collective. As much as I love creating products and the thrill of people buying and using my creations, what I want is to create a community and a platform, a place where different artist sell their wonderful wares together, under one collective umbrella.

Now of course your next question might be ‘why?’. Well that is simple. It is hard for us all to get a platform set up and do all the admin side attached to starting selling your wares. In a perfect world we could just spend all our time making beautiful things. So really that is why: to provide a platform and share the load, so that everyone has more time to produce and create beautiful products for the world to enjoy.

Contact Emmanuel’s Collective

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