Here at Emmanuel’s Collective we are all about RPG and wargaming and aim to please fellow players through the production of high quality, hand-made accessories.

Gaming accessories

We create gaming accessories. at the moment our items are available for sale on Etsy. There are many more products in mind that we are working hard to make a reality.

A selection of our products are also sold at the Liverpool gaming cafe Sugar and Dice


So far we have been to one convention and absolutely loved it! We am planning to do more. So if you have a convention that you love, that you want to see us at or that you think would be good for us to do, please let me know!

Create writing

We love writing and do so across a variaty of mediums. From stories, to homebrew RPG content and some poetry. I will keep up to date with adding any of my written works on the website here.

What is Emmanuel’s Collective?

I would like to take a moment to explain my idea, the dream of what I imagined when I started this journey. As much as I love creating products and the thrill of people buying and using my creations, what I want is to create a community and a platform, a place where different artist sell their wonderful wares together, under one collective. So… there you have it. It feels good to have it writing down.

Now of course your next question might be ‘why?’. Well that is simple. It is hard for us all to get a platform set up and do all the admin side attached to starting selling your wares. In a perfect world we could just spend all our time making beautiful things. So really that is why: to provide a platform and share the load, so that everyone has more time to produce and create beautiful products for the world to enjoy.

Thanks for bearing with me. Any questions; please ask! Want to be part of this dream; get in touch! Bored of reading; go check out my etsy and look at pretty things instead 😉

Many thanks,


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